Welcome to the World of Learning Online

It sounds contradictory, but the first step to learning online — whether it’s for general education or specific training — is to forget that you are online.  Technology may dictate the medium by which educational or training content is delivered, but the fundamentals of learning are always the same.

When considering a course to take, there are almost endless possibilities many of which would not be available to you under the old model of brick and mortar.  Location, time and money are no longer obstacles.

At the IPG Learning Center we have tapped into the brightest and most successful that are now willing to share what they know and more importantly what they do with you.  Information you would seldom if ever get through conventional means.  In other words, these folks wouldn’t have the time to meet in a classroom setting twice a week to pass on their knowledge.

Time is also on your side when learning online; you go at your own pace, at your schedule and the course is always available to you, always, there is no expiration!

So, the only question you should ask is, what do I want to learn today?