Communication Courses

The Art of Communicating

This course has been produced for anyone who communicates with others. That would be all of us!

The course covers spoken English, written English, and body language and how important a knowledge of all three is to communicating effectively at work and in life. You will then learn how to effectively communicate for understanding with various personality types. The course is a great platform for improvement or to just brush up on principles you may have forgotten over time.


Telephone Skills

We all use the phone, in fact it has become a significant part of our lives.

In business, the way you speak on the phone tells the listener a lot about you and your business or the business you work for.  This is a great course to bring your business phone communications to a new level.

 Supercharge Your Sales with Body Language

Looking to improve your communication skills just by the way you look and act?  Sometimes what we DON’T say conveys more than our words.

Why Dress for Success Doesn’t Work

Casual Friday, Throwback Thursday, or what ever; how you dress at work is more important than you can imagine.

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