Courses on Leadership

Building a Foundation for Leadership Success

This is a “down in the trenches” kind of course. You will need to plan on some hard work in completing this course. In preparing for this class you will need to conduct a little self examination and ask yourself these 4 questions:

1. What do I want to get out of this course?

2. What am I willing to give up to gain this knowledge and understanding about leadership?

3. Can I adjust my priorities to find the time for the written exercises?

4. Am I willing to put in the energy?

Leadership in the Information Age

Leadership skills have been documented as declining over the past 50 years & this is due to the unprecedented change that we are living through.

Prized as the most important skill by HR departments across the world it’s a skill every business owner & professional needs to learn.

You can waste years learning leadership skills that are out dated or you can take this course & be up to date!

If you want to be a leader in the Information Age, enroll now.

11 Timeless Leadership Lessons

Have you ever felt inadequate as a leader? Ever felt lost when you tried to delegate work? Have you been unsure of how to communicate with your team?

Or do you get flustered when conflicts arise?

Richard says, ‘You don’t have to be born a leader to be a leader, you can learn it.’

And he will teach you how.

Richard Coles is a leadership expert who has motivated and instilled the qualities a leader must possess for a successful team.

He has specially developed this course for you: something that used to be exclusive to the World’s Largest Airline Companies is now just a click away.

This 13 video course provides valuable lessons surrounding the most desirable aspects of leadership, including delegation, communication, time management, creative problem solving, emotional quotient and team building through learnings borrowed from Ernest Shackleton’s Expedition.


Leadership is uncommon.

Some people believe that you’re either born with leadership skills and leadership qualities, or you’re not.

The good news is that leadership skills can be learned and practiced, which means you can increase your leadership abilities dramatically.

This is currently a Best-Selling Leadership Course.

This course will teach you the leadership traits and qualities that lead to faster leadership development.

Effective leadership starts on the inside and moves out, influencing those around you.


Aside from adapting to a new role with increased responsibilities, new managers must learn to be leaders and explore how to communicate effectively with employees, fellow managers, and senior executives.

Learn everything you need to know as a new manager to lead a team effectively, coach with confidence and make better decisions, in this comprehensive course bundle.

Lead by setting an example and become more confident and influential in the process.

Communicate effectively with your colleagues and senior managers.

Motivate your staff to encourage personal and professional development.

In this course you will learn that management isn’t always so much about leading, as it is about pointing the way.

It is your duty to point the way by instructing, giving feedback and sharing your experience with your staff.

In this course, you will learn how to develop leadership skills to confidently coach a team.

Further, you will master the arts of successfully facilitating meetings, appraising performance, providing feedback and resolving conflicts within your team and organization.


In this course, you will learn how to measure your level of credibility as a manager.

Put in place an action plan on how to increase the level of Trust with their key stakeholders.

You will learn how to precisely adjust your managerial style based on the situation and the individual.

Have you ever wanted to lead a Vision, Mission and Strategy workshop with you team?

You will learn the steps taken to lead this workshop effectively.

Team meetings, productive team meetings are critical to your survival as their leader.

You will learn to conduct effective team meetings, help your team define clear goals and know exactly what process and steps to follow when reviewing team goals.

We all have our own leadership style; in this course, you will learn a world class technique on how to adapt your leadership style to engage and motivate your team.

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