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We have just added this incredible course with over 800 video/audio assets to use as you create you own Professional Looking Videos

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Free Introduction to Video Course

Time and time again, people buy from those they TRUST. In today’s world, videos are one of the most guaranteed ways to build trust within minutes, if not seconds and get a total stranger to enter their credit card details to buy something from you.

I have been involved in numerous launches during my career, and I credit much of my success of launches to videos, hence why I like this Video Blueprint product.  I believe it will be an invaluable tool in your 2017 Online Marketing arsenal.

Videos get people excited, they get people educated and of course, they build trust that words on a page cannot do alone.

These 11 short videos will get you started in producing your own videos to promote yourself, your product or your service.

They are also a great resource if you just want to make great personal videos for home.

The course is free, however there are video enhancements mentioned that can be purchased here.  The fee is nominal and well worth it to enhance your productions.  And the nice thing is the video assets are yours to keep!  A one-time fee, period!

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Make Talking Head Videos

Whether you want to create video-based courses, or whether you’re a business-owner or a blogger, wanting to leverage the power of short videos online – you have a problem. You hate the thought of talking to a camera. Your natural enthusiasm drains away. It all feels so unnatural, it’s embarrassing.

I’m going to help you change all that – fast

And as a ‘quick win’ – just 30 minutes from now, you’ll have created your own professional Intro, with music – completely free of charge.

You’ll learn how to eliminate ‘ums and ‘ers. except…er, where you decide to add them to increase the sensation of spontaneity – well-rehearsed spontaneity!

I’ll show you how to write a script that doesn’t SOUND like a script

How to read a script without sounding like you’re reading

How to get hold of a FREE teleprompter – and how to use it without looking like a terrified goldfish

How to add the extra ENTHUSIASM a video needs, without being embarrassed or sounding like a used-car salesman

Simple body language techniques to REINFORCE a message and to BUILD your argument

Why this course? Well, because I’m NOT a BROADCASTER. I haven’t spent hundreds of hours in professional studios, rubbing shoulders with media people. I’m just like you – a HUMAN. Someone who’s had to learn all the wrinkles for myself. But NOW, I’m going to share them with YOU.

So, why not join me straight away? And by the end of today, there’ll be a new, confident you – happy to appear on camera. Comfortable, knowing that you can do it.



Video Star: You Can Make Simple Talking Head Video

Imagine yourself as the spokesperson/star of your own website and social media forums. You can become your own best spokesperson. You can now stand out from all of your competitors who are still stuck in the text-only, pre-video era.

This “How to Make Simple Talking Head Video” course will teach you exactly how to make talking head videos that you can be proud of. The biggest problem most people have in making simple talking head videos is not the technology. The greatest challenge is looking comfortable, confident and relaxed. This course will teach you exactly how to look your best and come across as confident.

Why risk even one more day of relying on boring, mundane text to sell your products, services or organization? Your website and social media platforms can come alive today with simple talking head videos starring you.



Create Professional Quality Talking Head Promo Videos Fast

You’re about to discover how to easily create superb quality ‘Talking Head’ promo videos for your business in just 3 hours…

Without having to spend lots of money on “professional” equipment. Without needing any special technical skills what so ever… even if you’re a complete video newbie!

Enrol now to see how I’ve generated over $1,000,000 in online sales using simple & easy to create videos (100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee)

That’s right, I’ve personally sold over $1m worth of products online using video and I have several students who have collectively generated multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits using the video production secrets I reveal in this very course.

I’ve been teaching others about how to create stunning web videos since 2012 & I’m proud to say that I’ve taught over 20,000 students online through my websites & products.

Now it’s your turn…

I’m going to give you the complete A-Z course on how you can create highly professional ‘talking head’ promo videos,

Without expensive equipment

Without special technical skills or tricky software

Without needing a degree in film

By the time you’ve gone through this course you’ll know exactly how to create highly profitable & professional promo videos that sell your products like hot cakes!



Professional Talking Head Video-Production. Smartphone & Cam

You want to produce videos for Udemy, YouTube, Blogs & Co, but you don´t know how?

You´re an expert for a certain topic and want to present it professionally in front of a camera?
You want to look and act good in front of a camera?
You want to save money by buying only the gear you really need?

This is your course.

I´ll show you all you need to know as a beginner to start shooting talking head expert videos. Starting from scratch with the basic gear, planning, filming, editing. All in one course. This course is really focussed. I skipped all the unimportant stuff and broke video production down to the essentials. 

All you need is a (smartphone-) camera, a computer to edit the footage and some cheap gear. I particularly talk about smartphones and show you, how to get the most out of an iPhone or Android smartphone (e.g. Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy, …).



How to talk to camera with confidence, warmth and look good.

Would you like to record yourself as a talking head, talking directly to camera for a YouTube video, website intro, Kickstarter promo, or perhaps your own online course?

Are you completely freaked out by the thought of recording yourself? Or perhaps you’ve got confidence, but are looking to refine your technique and camera presence?

This course is designed to get you up and comfortable in front of camera, and to speak with confidence and warmth.

How does it work?

An engaging camera presence is a mixture of technique, comfort, camera setup, and a well crafted message that you believe in. All of this can be learnt, refined, practiced and achieved.

The great thing about video is that you don’t need to get it right the first time – you can try and retry as often as you like, and people only ever see the bits that you decide to release.

I recently launched a course about creating online courses, and every bit of feedback I received included glowing compliments about my engaging camera presence. The thing they didn’t see is how many times I forgot my lines, or scratched my nose and decided to re-take.

What they did see was the result of my years of experience in filming and training presenters, helping talented by shy people to step up to camera, and of course my own experience in talking to camera.

In this course, I lead you through the steps that have worked for me and others I have helped to captivate an audience on camera.

These steps start days before you start your “real” filming, by helping you refine your message, get comfortable with the idea of talking to a camera, develop your speaking tone, and a method for practicing that’s far better than simply talking to the mirror or a friend.

As you get closer to filming, the course also explores a range of tools and ways you can setup your camera, lights and sound to evoke a particular mood, and even explores how clothes and sleep can affect your videos.

You will get coaching on your body posture, how and when to emphasise your voice, and what to do with your hands.



Budget Video Production: Shoot & Edit amazing videos Quickly

I have created this course to cover the subject of the video production. But one more thing – this course is about the Budget Video Production. What does it mean?

It means that this course is directed to the students, who are full of inspiration to create Talking head, Screencast or other Videos, but who do not feel like they have enough money for the project. It could be bloggers, journalists, teachers, designers and other talented people, I have concentrated only on Mac Applications users (e.g. users who could run standard Mac OS applications on their Macintosh or Windows laptops and PCs)

I’ll explain  how to not spend a lot of money and time to produce exciting and interesting movies and video stories.

The Budget Video Production course will take you less than 2 hours



Create online presentations with Camtasia

Learn to create amazing online video presentations and teach people stuff you know.

In this course I will share with you my 5 years experience of creating online content mainly in Camtasia Studio. I tried to talk only about the things which are needed, I don´t want to overwhelm you with tons of unnecessary info.

Whether you are keen on shooting your talking head or not, this course will show you, how to create videos with or without talking head.

At first, we will have a look on Camtasia and how to use it.

Then, you will discover how to combine Powerpoint and Camtasia effectively.

Camtasia is also capable of basics video editing, it can do a green screen effect, so you can use it in that way too.

Included are tips for audio and video equipment needed for recording your content.

At the end I will provide you with tips how to monetize your content.

You should have some experience working with computer at basic level, experience with MS Office (Powerpoint) or similar welcomed.

Dedicated to Growth Through Online Learning